Fixed costs for your wedding

My followers know that I don't offer a wedding packages but I would like to talk about the fix costs that there are in any wedding, that don't change in base at the number of your guests. If you decide to get married alone or surrounded only by your family or to plan a big party with all your friends, these prices are fix!
Here some example!

Religious ceremony
The Roman Vicariate asks 270,00 € to get married in the churches of Rome. Not all Vicariates impose this tax. For example the Florentine Vicariate doesn't fix any price: the offer is free! For this reason there is a "secret fight" among the parishes to obtain the weddings. During my experience like Italian Wedding Planner, I understood that Rome open the doors of their churches to the foreign couples while Florence no! Luckily I find a very kind priest, Don Giancarlo, of a wonderful and ancient churches that is very available with all couples that desire to get married, also if they are not Florentine ;)

Fixed costs for your wedding

Civil ceremony
The prices fixed by the Town Halls change in base at the city where you decide to become wife and husband; usually get married during the week is more convenient. The big cities offer different spaces with different prices:

  • Red Hall at Campidoglio: 1.200,00 € / 1.400,00 € + 2 stamps of 16,00 € each
  • Deconsecrated Church at Caracalla: 1.200,00 € / 1.400,00 € + 2 stamps of 16,00 € each
  • Red Hall at Palazzo Vecchio: 750,00 € / 2.000,00 € + 2 stamps of 16,00 € each
  • Garden of Roses: 2.250,00 € / 3.000,00 € + 2 stamps of 16,00 € each
  • Salone 500: 5.000,00 € + 2 stamps of 16,00 € each
  • Common Hall: 1.100,00 € + 2 stamps of 16,00 € each
  • Sala del Concistorio: 1.000,00 € / 1.500,00 € + 2 stamps of 16,00 € each
  • Chiostro di San Franscesco: 700,00 € + 2 stamps of 16.00 € each

It's not possible book the Town Hall all days of weeks or during some period. Write me soon to know if your estimate date is available. Obviously the little cities or the old villages are more convenient, e.g.

  • Red Hall: 300,00 € / 500,00 € + 2 stamps of 16,00 € each
  • Common Hall: 400,00 € + 2 stamps of 16,00 € each
  • Trecentesca Hall: 300,00 € + 2 stamps of 16,00 € each

There are also some venues where is possible to plan a legal religious or civil wedding. For example the ancient Abbazia of Sant'Andrea in Flumine, 40 minutes from Rome, in the countryside, permits to the couples to do a religious wedding in its old church or the civil ceremony in the archaeological site and then set up the reception in its garden. The Abbazia of San Faustino, in the heart of Umbria, far from all and surrounded by the Nature it's the perfect frame for the legal civil ceremony celebrated by the Major. Also Villa Oliviero, with a breathless view of the Costiera Amalfitana, permits to celebrate the real civil ceremony in his garden.

Symbolic ceremony
For this type of ceremony there aren't fix prices! Estimate price for the extra services:

  • Interpreter: from 180,00 €
  • Witnesses: from 160,00 €
  • Officiant: from 200,00 € for symbolic ceremony

The price changes in base at the city
Good choice!