italy wedding packages

These are the paperwork necessary to get married in one of the Italian churches:

  1. Certificate of Baptism
  2. Certificate of Confirmation
  3. Attendance certificate of Class pre-marriage

In case of "mixed marriage" will be required the DISPENSATION for the unbeliever.

Indeed, if you want to do a religious ceremony you MUST do BEFORE the civil ceremony in your or country... You can do it also in Italy, but in your country maybe it's faster.

italy wedding packages

You can go to the parish of you church of residence to start to prepare all documents. Write me soon to to know where you desire get married, in this way I can give you all details for your parish:

  1. Name and address of the church
  2. Name and Surname of its parish
  3. Name of the priest who will celebrate the wedding
  4. Diocese and name of Bishop

When all is ready, you parish will send the documentation to your local Curia and they to the Vicariate of the city where do you choose to become wife and husband.

With my Italian Wedding Planner Agency I can help and assist you during all procedure. I can share with you the pics about all different churches that you can choice, in base at your taste.

italy wedding packages

For the Anglican Blessing, there is a specific form edit by the All Saint's Church in Rome. We can ask if they can plan the blessing also at the venue where will be organized the reception... sounds good? For example at Villa Benveduti, Gubbio in Umbria they can do it without problem!