Wedding dog sitter

For the lovers of animals, and especially of dogs, it's hard to think to get married abroad, leaving at home their four-legged friend; our faithful partner, who maybe came before to meet the soul mate, or was taken together as a lifestyle choice.

Like Italian Wedding Planner, who often works with foreign couples, but especially like a mistress of a splendid dachshund named Burro – Butter – I had decided to include among my partners Elisa Guidarelli, the creator of Wedding Dog Sitter in Italia®.

Elisa, how and when did you have this idea?
The idea was born the day of my wedding, when I realized that our two dogs, Nico and Brie, could not come with us and we had to leave them at home with a trusted person; but it would have been great to see them happy and wagging to be near us. If there has been a Wedding Dog Sitter, I would have engaged surely. Slowly the idea of this profession has taken shape and now is a wonderful reality! Obviously, I never improvised: I do the groomer from 12 years and for me animals are the greatest think of the world! I moved when I see my four-legged client happy to be in the family photo.

What are the services you offer?
Wedding Dog Sitter in Italia was the first service in Italy for the newlyweds that desire to take the dog with them entrusting to a professional and not a friend or relative. For me there are four important guidelines:

  1. Great love and respect for the animals.
  2. More than 12 years of experience with them.
  3. Professionalism.
  4. Competence.

The service is to have for own puppy, an expertise person to take care of him at 360°:

  • Dog sitting
  • Toilet
  • Elegant and comfortable accessories
  • Photographer with a photo shooting of the dog point of view

In this way all guests can be only guests, without the stress to think at your dog, including uncles and cousins. Everything can be in line with the wedding, and so not only useful but also beautiful.

Do you offer pre-confectioned packages or the couples can choose the services to have?
On my website there are also pre-confectioned packages, that I think enough complete, but every wedding can be personalized. Any dog has its necessity and the first step is decide with the couple what is best for their dog.

What is the range of price for your work?
The cost changes in base at many factors, like size of dog or eventual transfer. I start from 400 € for a little size dog with a package "PER UN PELO" that includes:

  • Toilet
  • Papillon or collar
  • Photo shooting
  • Wedding Dog Sitter for the wedding day

The top solution "HAPPY WEDDING" costs 2.500 € and includes:

  • Toilet
  • Papillon or collar
  • Leash
  • Photo shooting with the dog point of view
  • Photo shooting of wedding for the spouses
  • Wedding dog sitter for the wedding day
  • Tablet Android with all photos about newlyweds and dog in HD

For the foreign couples that decide to get married in Italy, are there problems for their dog?
No particular problem, just in time to organize the passport for the dog and eventual vaccine or rabies.

Do you work in all Italy?
Yes, and now our service is available also abroad.

How much diffidence and doubts about the usefulness of your work do you feel?
You cannot imagine how many times I explain to the couples what are the differences to entrust their love to a friend or relative instead of a specialized person that has for him a thousand eyes, in a chaotic and stressful day as that of the marriage. When they understand the difference, they are happy to choose me for their dog. Having with us our own dog in a fantastic day like the wedding doesn't have a price! My motto is: never let it be your best friend at home the wedding day?

I would like to thank Elisa for the time that dedicated to my interview, which surely will open the doors at many who though it was impossible to organize their wedding in Italy, bringing with them their own dog.

For all spouses that decide to entrust the organization of their wedding to me, there is a discount of 10% for the Wedding Dog Sitter service.