italy wedding packages

Decide to organize your marriage in Italy, especially in Rome and neighbouring, Tuscany or Umbria, entrusting to a professional Italian Wedding Planners, it's not a luxury for a few persons; but it can be the right choice to control the budget and obtain services at more competitive prices. I usually offer different solutions also in base of cost, remembering always, which are the final choices of the spouses to make a real difference on the budget.

Giorgia & Josè, destination wedding outside Rome

There are some points that affect on the budget for your Destination Wedding in Italy:

  1. Number of guests: Nobody, who decides to get married in any city in the world like Rome, London, New York, Paris, could save the money with a number of guests superior to 100, 150 or 200. Weddings with a low budget should be intimate with a limited number of guests. We planned many weddings, also with a low budget, always elegant and full of little details that made the difference. If u don't have a low budget (that don't means waste the money), we can have more possibility to realize all your dreams!
  2. Right venue: There are some splendid Italian wedding locations where it is possible not to pay the rent if you have a minimum number of guests (50, 100, 130, 180…). Moreover, the close collaboration with the most popular Italian venues permits to me as your Italian Wedding Planner & Designer to have even more affordable prices. I would like to underline that we always speak about first order locations. There are also some venues that have the fixed prices of rent, that not change in base at the day or months or number of guests!

  3. italy wedding packages
  4. No at the wedding package: I love create the solution that you prefer. In this way you can choose only the most relevant services for you, saving where it is necessary and investing more where you want. I don't offer the wedding packages, read why I choose to work in this way. You don't want tableau and place cards, because you are good to do on you own? No problem. Do you want to have band music for the reception because for you the music is very important? Perfect, we invest part of "our" budget in the music. Do you want to follow a particular style for your decoration? Shabby or country chic instead of luxury style or vintage? Great, I will help to satisfy your desires with my great vendors that help me, not only Wedding Planner but also Wedding Designer because I plan marriage custom-made for you.
  5. Low and High season: Could be a good alternative chooses September and October when the weather in Italy is fab and also December or April… months where the rent of many wedding venues is lower. But the weather in Italy is always (sort of) wonderful and so the summer weddings are wonderful especially if u want to set up in the garden your reception, instead of hall of the venues.
  6. Style of wedding: It's an error think that a shabby chic, country chic or vintage or bohemian wedding are cheaper than a city elegant chic wedding! Or think that plan your wedding in the countryside costs less! The details to create a particular atmosphere are a lot and in base at your budget, I can realize your perfect dream of reception and for this reason, it's very important create your budget file!

italy wedding packages

I don't love create the example of cost, because each wedding is different and the choices of the newlyweds make the difference; but my "marketing man" kills me if I don't write it and so here some example:

Intimate wedding, only for the newlyweds, Rome

  • Symbolic ceremony in a public space
  • Officiant for the ceremony
  • Bouquet and buttonhole
  • Vintage car for the transfer and photo shooting
  • Photographer
  • Tour and photo shooting in the centre of Rome
  • Wedding planner
  • From 2.600 €

Wedding per 15 guests; religious ceremony and reception at Antica Pesa in Rome

  • Religious ceremony in Sant'Andrea al Celio
  • Music from iPod during the ceremony
  • Flowers decoration for the church
  • English or Spanish (or who you prefer) priest
  • Photographer
  • Vintage car for the transfer of the newlyweds
  • Transfer for the guests
  • Decoration for the table at the restaurant
  • Dinner at the restaurant with a fix menu choose by you, with 5 courses
  • Personalized wedding cake
  • Wedding planner, full service
  • From 6.500 €

Wedding per 50 guests; Palazzo Brancaccio, in the heart of Rome

  • Religious ceremony in one of the beautiful churches of Rome
  • Flowers in the church
  • Bouquet and buttonholes
  • Wedding reception in the halls of Palazzo Brancaccio
  • Wedding menu with rich welcome cocktail and appetizer, dinner served with two first courses and one main with vegetables, little buffet of sweets, wedding cake and little open bar.
  • All beverage are included
  • Lady for the care of wardrobe and the toilet
  • Soundtrack music with iPod or CD
  • Flowers compositions and candles like decoration for the Palace
  • Photographer
  • Transfer for your guests
  • Wedding Planner, full service
  • From 15.000 €

Wedding per 60 guests; Villa Benveduti, Gubbio in Umbria

  • Rent of Villa for one week
  • Wedding menu with buffet of welcome cocktail and appetizer, a dinner with 4 course served at the table, a little buffet of sweets and fresh fruits, wedding cake and all beverages.
  • Town hall of Gubbio
  • Interpreter
  • Flowers decorations of the venue
  • Bouquet and buttonhole
  • Live music band of 4 elements
  • Photographer
  • Wedding planner, full service
  • From 20.000 €
italy wedding packages

Ok, stop with the examples… there are too many venues and it's impossible create and estimate for all! It's important to know that there are some venue where it's possible to do a ceremony and reception in the same place!!!!
Write me soon to have your draft of estimate!!!