Get married in Italy

I saw that the job of Wedding Planner, little by little, is getting more and more popular also in Italy; but there are different opinions. Many people don't consider the Wedding Planner necessary, while others understand the importance to entrust an expert professional, clever to use the most of budget reserved for the marriage and optimize every aspect with intelligence and originality. Well, I try to clarity and analyse which are the benefits that spouses can have entrusting to the Italian Wedding Planner like me, which are the specified capacities that Wedding Coordinators and designers based in Italy can offer and that bring added value to the success of the marriage.

First at all, don't worry to arrive at the wedding day without I planned: my couples know, plan a wedding it's a teamwork! I don't plan anything without your approval: I can't! It's not my mission, It's not my desire, It's not my intention... because it's YOUR day and my role it's realize your wishes! We can start to organize the ceremony and the reception. Like professional specialized in the area of Wedding Planning I know aspects, solutions and trends that a layman doesn't know. The features of my vendors and mine are a lot: knowledge of the rules of etiquette, the last trend, the culture of Italy and all laws about wedding. Moreover there is a great ability to communicate, to problem solving also instantly; we are creative and we have a big sense of beauty. A good Wedding Planner has the sensibility to perceive and propose solutions adapted to the spouse's personality. His gifts are to update constantly and the big net of relations to guarantee the success of marriage.

Get married in Italy

The first step of an Italian Wedding Planner is to know as much as possible the spouses and their favours, understand their wishes and find solutions that make their wedding perfect!

Here the top ten list of questions to choose your Wedding Planner

  1. Ask the Wedding Planner for how many years he has worked and check photos about wedding already made
  2. Ask which are the basic services offered
  3. Ask if it's possible to have the advice only for some aspects
  4. Ask what is included in the final cost and understand if this cost includes all or only the advice of Wedding Planner
  5. Ask with your budget what kind of services are possible to have
  6. Ask how many are the contacts they have for any service
  7. Ask for a wedding time, to know what to do and when to do
  8. Ask how much the first advance will be and the expiring time of payments
  9. Ask what forms of payment they want
  10. Ask if there is a contract for the services
Get married in Italy

And at all your questions I will answer without problem, but it's important to be ready to receive my questions; here a little list:

  1. When u want get married
  2. Do u prefer a religious, civil or symbolic ceremony?
  3. How many guests do u attend?
  4. In which way do u imagine your reception?
  5. Do u want follow a particular style?
  6. Where do u want invest your money and where do u want to save
  7. Do u have a specific budget?
  8. And what it's included in this budget

If u can answer at this important question I can work better and come back to u with an accurate estimate, rich of suggestions and alternatives!