Wedding Flower Designer

Maria Luisa Rocchi, with her new flagship store in the heart of Rome, confirms to be, year by year, a great floral design for events and weddings. Her fantasy, inspiration and creativity, together with her deep studies, permit me, like Italian Wedding Planner, to entrust her to "my newlyweds" without any preoccupation.

I would like to begin this interview with a short question about Paula Prike, my great font of inspiration. How did you come to this great florist and how attending her courses was?
Paula Prike is a great artist but at the same time is a very simple person, absolutely jealous of her knowledge, very helpful with anyone. Following her courses was very useful and funny for me.

Wedding Flower Designer

Often they ask me to organize "low cost wedding":  how many important is the choice of the seasonal flower? What are the benefits?
Surely the choice of the flowers is determinant to contain the budget and preferring seasonal flowers helps in this way. Especially, when the flowers are of season, they are in their full glory!

I think to the magnificent peonies and at small window of time that they have over the roses, which are all year, and I wonder: are there brides who have chosen the date of wedding in base at the period of flowers?
I love peonies too, are magnificent flower. Now, anyway, we can find them easily also during the winter. Often they came from Israel and, as you can imagine, the cost triples.

Wedding Flower Designer

It never happened that brides choose the date of their marriage in base at the seasonality of flowers, but I can say that all are very careful at the colour and some also at the meaning of the flowers.

Are there more brides that come to you safe of their ideas, or desperate for illumination?
More often the brides come with confuse ideas; they know more or less what they want but don't know hot interpreting it. Together we build the project of their setting so that the result will be a unique and unrepeatable event.

When your taste is not the same as the bride, what do you do?
I always try to give the best choice and I can say, fortunately, that all my clients follow me without difficulty.

Wedding Flower Designer

What about mothers and mothers-in-low that want to have the last word?
Must be very patient…

There are Martini cups, chalices, glass bowls of all sizes; if we compare them with the magnificent in iron vases Medici… who wins?  
I think there are neither winner nor loser. Each type of vase, of glass, iron or other type of material, must be harmonically inserted in the ambient and also the type of decoration must be harmonized with the container and with the context.

What is the last trend for the flower compositions, for the whole wedding and not only for the centrepieces? I think of all details, the confettata, the wedding cake, the symbolic ceremony….
Surely compared to the previous years, there is greater attention to everything that is decoration. There is a lot of attention to details starting with ribbons placeholder or for the napkin, the tableau in many different forms and types, the cushions Purses and floral decoration of the chairs and so on.

Which will be the trend for the next year? Colours or soft tones?
Certainly there is a greater trend in the use of colours. 

Wedding Flower Designer

Are the candelabras always in vogue?
There are very popular and I like them very much. I suggest on crystal, silver or iron, in base at the venue.

Do church and wedding location influence the choice of flower?
Church and venue don't influence this choice. The style of the setting it is very important.

Must the setting for the church be the same for the reception?
Today many spouses, to save the money, ask to bring the setting from the church to the reception. In other cases, church and reception can have style and flowers completely different; and the bouquet can be created with flowers different from others.

I love the shabby chic style, my followers know it, and this trend is arrived also in the wedding. What flowers do you suggest, what compositions and especially what could be the little big details that makes the difference in a beautiful marriage?
We often use the wrought iron aviaries full of flowers and little birds in white porcelain or also the decapè wood raised with mini floral compositions and candles. For a more country style, handbags canvas with aromatic plants, chamomile and lavender.

What is you particular touch, your signature?
The attention and the care at the details, the originality and the complex research of perfection.

Maria Luisa thanks a lot!!!