Umbrian locations

Here u can consult the list of services that I can offer as your wedding planner to plan your marriage in Italy

The most of the couples ask me in their mails which type of services I can offer for their destination wedding. I realized that in all these years I never wrote an article about this... and so I'm here to answers at all their questions (obviously this is impossible because the questions of my brides and grooms are each day different and new). Plan a destination wedding it's not easy and deciding to choose an Italian Wedding Planner to assist during the organization it's a great way to arrive relaxed (or with a normal level of stress) at your Big Day.

I don't love offer any wedding packages because impersonal while I like so much customize your marriage in base at your wishes and dreams. But I don't want impose any type of service or help and so, if u want care personally some aspects of your wedding you can do it, definitely! There are many aspects to consider and surfing online we can find I don't know how many TO DO LIST (your can find mine in this post). But each wedding is really different from the other, because the couples and their choices make the difference. The colours of flowers, the style of the decorations, the vision of the photographer, the mood of music: this and more make your wedding unique!

Sometime some brides ask me: 'Pls, can u give the me quotation of similar wedding realized in the same venue?'... It's impossible guys!!! For me could be easier to make a 'copy and paste' with another marriages planned in the same wedding location, but it would not be correct, professional. I plan each wedding with the couple; it's a teamwork: we create a project, we realize what u want! And also if u choose the same church, the same Town Hall and the same venue, will be always different... because you and your dreams are different.

Umbrian locations

These are the services that I can offer for your wedding in Italy:

  • Organization of ceremony: religious, civil or symbolic
  • Help and assistance with paperwork for civil and religious ceremony
  • Searching and booking of the Town Hall
  • Work of interpreter before and during the civil ceremony
  • Searching and booking the church in Italy or in the Vatican City
  • Searching the priest who speaking your language.

  • Searching and booking the venue for the reception
  • Site inspections at the wedding venues (when it's possible for the couple)
  • Choice of menu with the chef
  • Choice of mise en place for the reception
  • Rent stuff and items for the wedding in style: shabby chic, vintage, country chic

  • Ideation, graphic and print of stationery (wedding card, place card, seating map...)
  • A project of wedding designer for flowers and decorations
  • Music by live band or DJ
  • Entertainment during the reception
  • Photographers
  • Filmmaker
  • Wedding cake designer
  • Make up and hair style for bride
  • Make up and hair style for mums and bridesmaids
  • Beauticians services

  • Bridal car
  • Transfer with coach for guests
  • Service taxi for guests
  • Accommodation for the couple and their guests

  • Plan or your wedding holiday
  • Organization of "other events": brunch, bbq, pizza party, oil and wine degustation, class of "how to make a pizza and pasta" that we can plan during your wedding/holiday in Italy.
  • Plan of tours to the principal cities
  • Tickets for the most important attractions in Italy
Umbrian locations

The couple can decide at which step of the organization of wedding can call me; the most of them prefer hire from the beginning to follow all passages from the start. But sometimes other newlyweds write me only to coordinate the final moments of the wedding that they just planned alone. No problem, I believe in the flexibility, especially when organize a wedding, where the bride and groom change easily the ideas! The first projects can change in front at new suggestions, new ideas and the budget! Share the ideas and the photos it's the best way to plan together a wedding, because plan this great day it's a team work!